Dear Prospective Students, 

In order to join Delta Sigma Pi, prospective students need to complete 6-9 calendar weeks (no more than 10) which is coordinated with the academic calendar of California State University, Fresno.  To join this pledging process, you must​ meet these requirement:  

  • Enrolled minimum of 12 units 

  • Must be a business major 

    • Accounting 

    • Economic 

    • Finance 

    • Human Resource Management 

    • Information System 

    • International Business

    • Marketing 

    • Management 

    • Supply Chain ​

  • Minimum of 2.5 GPA 

  • Have at least 2 semester left (current and next semester)

Members of Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Chi Theta, and Phi Gamma Nu are also ineligible. Members of Pi Sigma Epsilon marketing fraternity, and all general/social fraternities and sororities are eligible for Delta Sigma Pi membership. 

Why do we require pledging process? 

The purpose of pledge education is to formally present history and information of Delta Sigma Pi to our potential members. In addition, pledges will learn the business operational requirements of the Fraternity through the planning and participation in various projects described in this process. This is a time for pledges to get an in-depth preview of membership and make a final decision on their pursuit of membership as this is a life long membership once you formally become a member. Likewise, the evaluation methods described in this program will be implemented by members of the chapter to determine which candidates will represent the Fraternity and uphold its professional objectives. 

What is the requirement to complete the pledge process? 

Before we begin the pledge education, each prospect need to complete a panel interview. Please prepare three copies of your formal resume and dress professionally for the interview.  After the interview, we will begin 6-9 weeks of pledge education provided by Vice President of Pledge Education. 


Celeste Torres

VP of Pledge Education

Spring 2021 

The VP of Pledge Education (VPPE) is an elected officer of the chapter and has a primary responsibility for the implementation and development of the pledge education program.